Gold or bitcoin

gold is called the precious metal.
. There are factors determine the price of gold in the market.
First of all you should dismiss the idea of " supply and demand" 
Throughout history, we notice a parallel between the price of gold and the price of oil. 
Note that a credit is something that someone doesn't need. 
This leads us to consider credit as a plus  
Everyone wants to possess as much gold as he can  
Gold investing is the best way for success. 
Gold keeps its value over years. 
You should Follow secure ways for investment. 

  Some people prefer bitcoin.Others prefer forex.
Forex gives them a great chance for Earning alot of money

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. 
It is also aform of electronic cash. 
It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank  Or single adminstrator. 
However  bitcoin has been criticized for its use in jllegal transactions    and its high electricity consumption  
Bitcoin network is peer_to_peer
There is no single adminstrator. 
Anybody can become a miner.