Basic steps towards cars insurance

  It's clear that You pay a substantial quantity of money for your insurance. therefore it's solely even once you wish to create a claim once being concerned in the associated accident. supported the insurance program you have got opted for your company can give you coverage consequently. Insurance agencies square measure assigned to safeguard you and performance as your advocate. At times, folks wish to handle things by themselves, that isn't wise once there's a 3rd party concerned

Here could be a piecemeal method of what you would like to try to to to file an automotive accident insurance claim

Contact the Police

When you square measure concerned in an associate accident, the primary issue you must do is contact the police and file a report. The report can contain a close description of the crash, witness testimonies, details of alternative|the opposite} driver and other relevant info. The police also will ensure you get the medical help to assist handle your injuries. A police report can are available handy once filing a claim because it will vouch for your account of what happened

Call Your insurance underwriter quickly

Call your insurance agency from the scene of the crash if you'll, whereas looking ahead to the police or once you're safe. this may facilitate the corporate analyze the damages primary, and that they will walk you thru subsequent steps that require to be taken. If your automotive has been severely broken, the insurance agency can guide you on what has to be through with the automotive. A claim file is going to be opened, and every one the mandatory details are going to be side thereto. If you are doing not decision them now, you will not shrewdness they'll facilitate, and you'll finish up burning through money that  you simply haven't got to

An Insurance claim agent Gets assigned to Your Case

Once your claim has been filed along with your insurance company, a claims adjustor are going to be assigned to your case. The claim agent can presumably get connected with you to elicit further info. whereas describing the incident, continually stick with the facts and avoid any speculation. Submit any pictures and testimonies that you simply collected at the scene. All of this may be accustomed verify United Nations agency is guilty and therefore your contribution plays a large role. If you are looking to file a private injury claim with the opposite driver's insurance underwriter, it'll facilitate to possess associate lawyer gift. associate lawyer United Nations agency is well-versed with the nuances of private injury claims are going to be indispensable during this regard


The insurance claim agent can conduct a radical assessment and supply associate estimate of the value to repair your vehicle, medical expenses, and different deductibles that your claim pays out


After all the analysis has been done, the claim agent can authorize a payment for the damages caused. If you are pleased with the settlement offered, you may get to sign a unleash, acceptive the payment for the case

In several cases, the insurance agency can attempt to low-ball you and supply a lesser quantity for your case. once negotiating with them, if they're still not willing to supply an improved settlement, you'll get connected with associate lawyer United Nations agency can assist you file a cause. If you'd prefer to specific your views on the subject, do leave us a comment below 

Home insurance coverage

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The amount of house insurance you will need is predicated on four areas: Home structure, belongings, liability for a defense to others and a few extra prices related to repairs to your home.
House Structure
- perpetually certify you acquire enough insurance to hide the value incurred to construct your current home at today's market costs within the event a natural disaster ought to surface. you do not actually need to incorporate price|the value|the price} of the land and you mustn't base the quantity on the worth you acquired your house because the cost of reconstruction fluctuates.
Personal Property
- the maximum amount as you price your personal possessions several insurance policies can solely offer coverage between five hundredth and seventieth supported your current householders' coverage. You play an enormous half in ensuring your property is correctly lined therefore certify to try and do a listing all of your possessions. try and be as careful as attainable, in any case, this is often your property and you should be reimbursed if something bad happens. you'll need to take care during this space. If you own costly jewelry or furs then you ought to search out extra coverage through a floater or endorsement policy. In most cases, Associate in Nursing underwriter can solely compensate you $1000 to $2000 for jewelry or furs that area unit purloined or lost during a hearth. I will relate a real story to you wherever my partner and that I had $12,000 price {of jewelry |of jewelry |of knickknack|of bijou} purloined and we tend tore solely reimbursed $1000 as a result of we did not have extra coverage for her jewelry assortment with a floater. The lesson learned was perpetually to create positive our possessions were accurately and properly insured against future losses.

Liability Coverage
- This a part of your householders' coverage provides protection for you against lawsuits for bodily injury or property harm that you just or relations cause to others. It conjointly pays for harm caused by pets. It pays for each the value of defensive you in court and for any damages, a court rules you want to pay. though several insurance corporations offer $100,000 price of coverage, it is a smart plan to extend that quantity to $300,000 or additional.
Additional prices - This pays the extra prices of quickly living removed from your home if you cannot board it thanks to a fireplace, severe storm or different insured disaster. It covers building bills, eating place meals and different living expenses incurred whereas your house is being restored. If you reside in a section with a high propensity of natural disasters then you certainly wish to create positive you are adequately lined here.
Hopefully, this data particularisation what householders coverage was useful and gave you a far better plan of what your normal house policy is comprised of.

Buying a home for the first time

An essential part of the method for each vendee is to easily do the maths. it's terribly wise to do all the money coming up with 1st, before starting the rummage around for an appropriate property to shop for. each vendee ought to go searching for the mortgage deal that suits them best, and calculate specifically what proportion the monthly repayments are for every loan possibility, what proportion the loan can price within the future, and the way long it'll want to repay, to urge a transparent image of specifically what proportion property they'll afford to shop for. Most mortgage lenders provide pre-qualified loans, therefore consumers will buy their new home with the arrogance of knowing specifically what they'll afford. Having a pre-qualified loan deal additionally means that the customer will move quickly on an acquisition after they realize the proper property, which may be an excellent advantage notably if there are a unit different interested consumers

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Choosing whether or not to use Associate in Nursing agent, and selecting that agent to use is another vital step. Negotiating the acquisition directly with the vendor will save a considerable commission fee, however inexperienced home consumers above all will have the benefit of the recommendation and negotiation skills of an honest real estate agent. Associate in Nursing fully fledged real estate agent will provide a recommendation on factors which can have an effect on the long run selling price of the house. an honest agent additionally has data of the $64000 estate market during a specific space and might facilitate purpose a purchaser within the right direction by showing them properties with options that area unit most significant to them

Invest dollars in gold

:A question I have usually been asked
If you have got cash to take a position, it's continuously thought of prudent to take a position in gold. Gold could be a nice activity trade good and is good for each short term similarly as a long-run investment. the recognition of the metal is usually constant and also the worth to remains a lot of or less stable even once different commodities won't perform well within the markets. Gold maneuvers freelance of bonds and stocks. conjointly there's ne'er a wrong time to take a position in gold.

Please, Note that : This information helps you better if you are in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt

With the money markets in such a volatile condition there are several investors World Health Organization are banking on gold. These are simply liquidated and so it's simple to get or sell it. a well-liked means of finance in gold is thru gold minted coins. Investors will invest in gold bars or bullions similarly. There are a variety of different ways that you'll invest in the metal. despite, however, you invest in gold, it's an incontrovertible fact that it's one in each of the dominant forces within the market and makes for an honest investment tool.

The value of gold continues to be stable even once different markets are tottering. The alpha-beta brass that has continuously been considered majestic and purple remains constant nowadays. it's doubtless one in every of the foremost reliable investment tools. once you get gold you safeguard your cash against money catastrophes like wars, terrorist attacks, bank failures and also the like. it's smart protection to your cash against the financial set-up of the globe.

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Your guide to jewellery and gold investment

Many people conceive jewelry as a press release of art or a private decoration that defines their look. For the user, gold can't solely enhance robust emotional feelings a few person's looks, however, it may also build an individual feel lovely, successful, indulgent, confident, and  attractive

Kindly Note that : This information helps you better if you are in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt

Since gold incorporates a long lasting monetary worth, it will support the buyer's call once buying jewelry generally, or specifically gold jewelry. this might be one in all the explanations why individuals need and get gold jewelry. 18kt, 14kt, and 10kt jewelry have long been outlined and marked creating it a "purchase investment..... opportunity

The key's to grasp if the piece of knickknack is price buying for the gold worth versus the planning worth. These square measure the 2 factors that form up a bit of knickknack. By taking the planning worth out of the equation, a factual call may be created on buying jewelry like a gold investme

Take a glance at the price of what you're shopping for. There square measure four factors

.Weight of Gold jewelry

.Price of Gold jewelry

.Design Allowance of Gold jewelry

.Price of Gold jewelry

:An example (gold solely jewelry - no gemstones)*

.Price of Gold jewelry - $4000

.Weight of Gold jewelry - five grams

.Price of Gold - $600/gram

.Value of Gold - five grams x $600/gram = $3000

design Allowance - (Price of knickknack - worth of Gold) - $4000-$3000 = $1000

Design Allowance share is $1000/$5000 = 2 hundredth

Look for Gold jewelry wherever style Allowance share is 2 hundredth or less for Gold Investment. If the planning Allowance share is higher than 2 hundredths it'll be tough to induce you are a reimbursement if you sell, as designs exit of recognition

Physical gold is that the basic kind of gold investment wherever investors are illustrious to hoard them up as a defense against inflation. you'll be able to invest in physical gold within the kind of bars and coins. Bars embrace the Credit Schweiz bars that are well-known everywhere the planet. However, such bars are illustrious to be commerce higher than the prevailing gold worth and will not be a wise alternative within the end of the day as they'll be arduous to dispose of off once you really want the money. My recommendation is going to be to travel for bullion coins just like the American eagle or the Canadian Maple Leaf as they typically trade closely to the gold worth. many folks can feel that the signboard of those coins ar associate trouble and that we ought to select gold accounts originated by banks instead. I'll wish to prompt all that history has shown the US that in times of turmoil id est the warfare, solely physical gold bought individuals a secure price tag out of the combat zone. For the sake of your family's future, I'll advise keeping a common fraction of your net-worth in physical gold

Another way to take a position in gold is going to be victimization the gold accounts of banks. The units within the gold accounts within the banks are protected by physical gold control within the banks and also the banks can provide the reassurance that you simply will convert your gold back to money anytime. the sole disadvantage is that the fees for such services will be as high as one p.c annually and over the end of the day, you'll be creating your bank richer than you. In another worst-case situation that the bank collapses, it'll undoubtedly be a challenge obtaining your gold back

For the passive investors, you'll wish to contemplate shopping for into gold funds however do note that these funds sometimes invest in corporations that are concerned in gold production. this implies that you simply are an investment within the management of those corporations inserting religion that they're upright. Gold funds offer diversification to most investors and maybe a lazy thanks to gain exposure to totally different gold corporations everywhere the planet. Of course, you may get to think about the management fees in addition because of the prospects that the beneath performance of the fund managers

Last, however not least, Gold ETF(exchange-listed fund) offers investors a simple thanks to investing in gold because the worth of the ETF unit can track the prevailing gold worth closely. The transparency offers investors a lot of with confidence and there's extremely very little ability concerned here. The low charges create it a further bonus as you hold gold within the ETF. No storage risks and everything appearance nice. Is it extremely so? once more, I'll wish to highlight on one risk referred to as liquidity risk that within the event of a world crisis, are you able to dispose your unit at a good worth if you would like the money? during a gold fund, you'll be able to make sure that the fund manager can realize the money to redeem your units however associate ETF functions during a free market wherever there are willing patrons and sellers. The key question is are you able to realize an emptor to require over your unit at a good worth then

I hope that this  article has given you an outline of the various ways in which to take a position in gold. Do your own analysis and sensible luck building your own portfolio of gold eventually

Gold is slightly a lot of risky than bonds, therefore you ought to take care to concentrate on the present. the explanation for this is often that whereas gold is employed in some industries, it doesn't essentially ought to be value the maximum amount of cash because it is. Also, a part of the explanation that gold is a value such a lot of cash is thanks to its comparative rarity. If the markets were to become flooded, likelihood is that sense that you simply would lose cash. However, gold encompasses a tendency to remain comparatively stable or to extend its price, over time

How stable is gold investing? Well, the demand for gold is way more than its offer. As you'll tell, this is often already sensible for people that area unit wondering gold finance. Once there's a lot of offer than demand, the worth starts to rise. Since the demand for gold is sort of double the quantity that's truly strip-mined, the costs for gold area unit doubtless to travel up steady

This additionally means it's still an honest time to take a position in gold. the explanation for that's that costs for gold ought to go up so there's not a gold shortage within the world. (After all, the rise in costs can decrease the demand till finally, there's no a lot of gold shortage)

The first issue that you simply ought to confine mind concerning gold finance, is that you simply mustn't place all of your cash into one style of gold investment. you ought to additionally not simply exit and get a bunch of physical gold. whereas this is often an honest thanks to building a solid and insured foundation, you ought to even be financed in a number of the opposite elements of the gold trade. as an example, if you invest in gold mines that aren't manufacturing at their high quantity nonetheless, or in potential gold mines, you stand an opportunity of constructing extra money within the future

Since gold is in such high demand, it's doubtless that any gold mines that aren't manufacturing a lot of can begin attempting to supply a lot of - so they'll profit on the high demand and better costs further

A good reason for finance in gold mines rather than simply in physical items of gold is that if you simply invest in physical gold, it's a lot of doubtless that it is often taken from you, at that purpose you may lose your entire investment

Why should you invest in gold

It is clear that Financial markets have continually been uncertain; it's the character of the beast. however, in today's world of globalization, economic health will get a lot of out of whack than ever before. This simply may be an honest time to rid a number of that insecurity by investing in gold, conjointly called the cash of pis aller. Not solely would you shield yourself against the falling dollar, however you may build a hefty profit in precious metals? Here are the most effective reasons for changing your cash into gold

troubled times within the United States' commercial enterprise gap.
As you scan this, the United States is piling on a lot of debt, that at the instant stands at $63 trillion. What will this mean for you? because the Fed continues to print extra money, it'll remove the buying power of the dollar, and inflation can prolong of management. This happened to Germany following warfare I, once it took a pushcart of German marks to get one loaf of bread.
troubled times within the political economy investment climate.
Kuwait has simply declared that their currency won't be pegged to the dollar. China has oversubscribed off a minimum of one billion in USA Treasury Notes, as Venezuela and also the United Arab Emirates replace their dollar reserves with the monetary unit. The signal coming back from alternative governments may be a warning sign; our dependence on foreign bond consumers to finance domestic consumption is quickly coming back apart. The United States' economy is command alongside wire and adhesive tape.
While mining corporations still extract gold, production cannot keep step with demand. From one992 to 2005 world output destroyed 1.1 billion ounces. Reserves are barely [*fr1] that size, and dwindling. massive mining corporations should scramble to stay up production, turning to the junior mining section for exploration and discovery. however, between 1985 and 2003 new discoveries had slipped by thirty percent. Basic political economy tells the USA that once offer cannot meet demand, the worth will increase.

Gold can't be created. it's what it's. that's why the worth of gold has been used for over five,000 years. In his speech, Anthony S. Fell, a number one banker with the Royal Bank of North American country, declared the following:
"To some extent, I regret to mention, all paper currencies are getting somewhat suspect, and consequently, it's my read that gold bullion, instead of being the barbarous relic delineate by John Maynard Keynes, may perhaps become the quality of selection for several investors over the approaching decade...notwithstanding the modest rise in gold costs over the past few years, that's wherever gold bullion is these days, and it represents a nice chance."
old is that the nice stabilizer for all economies.
Gold inhibits governments from printing cash and inserting the group in debt. It prevents the devaluation of currency led to inflation and will increase the wealth of states. Gold provides protection from abusive usury, encourages savings, and puts and finish to taxation and also the exploitation of the world's population.
Investing in precious metals is that the sole shelter against a falling currency. The U.S. dollar index has fallen thirty percent since 2001, whereas gold and silver have quite doubled in worth.

Note that : This information helps you better if you are in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt

Realty finance and real estate

There are a good several books and internet sites dedicated to realty finance out there, however, most of them think about one specific space of finance. It's usually onerous to search out a general description of realty finance, one that lists the varied realty finance ways and the way to urge started. that is what this text can be started to try to to.
Before starting, you need to perceive that realty finance isn't a get wealthy fast theme. realty finance will, and will, cause you to moneyed, however, it actually will not happen long and it'll need work. As you good your technique and gain expertise, the quantity of labor required to realize loads of cash can cut back, however it'll take effort and persistence to form it there.
If you are fully unaccustomed realty finance then the sole kind of finance strategy you are seemingly 
responsive to is rental properties 

Landlording has been around since there are homes 
and other people to rent them to, and it'll still be a wealth builder. In fact, most of the 'no cash down' realty ways you hear concerning still embrace rentals as a part of their set up. Still, there are alternative ways in which to form cash from realty finance out there.

The next most 'traditional' technique is to shop for an abode, fix it up, and so sell it for a profit. this can be ordinarily observed as 'rehabbing' and could be an excellent thanks to creating loads of cash during a comparatively short amount of your time. Most rehabbers will not even consider a property unless they will create a minimum of $20,000 of profit, and this can be typically among 3-4 months time. Rehabbers tend to be old investors with accessible cash or have partners World Health Organization facilitate give any further money needed.

But if you are simply beginning out you seemingly will not have access to giant amounts of cash. a technique to urge concerned during this space of realty finance with no need any cash in the least is to 'flip' homes to those rehabbers. What this entails is you going out and finding these fixer-uppers, noting all the work needed to repair the place up. You then place an occasional supply into the owner, taking under consideration the fixup value and a few inbuilt profits. Once you've got the house underneath contract you then flip it to a rehabber for an any low fee. this could end in many thousand greenbacks for you, while not you having to pay a dime. 'Flipping' properties are often a good thanks to beginning your realty finance career.

Another 'no cash down' technique that is in style on the late night infomercials is named 'lease optioning'. this can be essentially a rent to possess a strategy that permits you to manage the property while not ever taking possession of it. it is a slightly additional difficult strategy that warrants its own article, however, it will enable you to form cash in many alternative ways, every while not ever having to pay any of your own cash. If {you're not|you are not} defer by long-run investments then lease choices are positively price additional analysis.
There are alternative ways that involve foreclosures and obtaining the house owner to sign the present to you, except for currently I would recommend learning additional concerning flipping and lease choices as entry-level realty finance ways.
How does one realize properties that may observe realty investments? once more, a whole article is often dedicated to that, however, there are essentially 2 ways: you look for them, otherwise, you get them to come back to you. the primary approach involves reading the newspaper classifieds and scanning the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). this can be wherever having a good realty agent could be a should - they will get you additional details on homes than you'll read on the MLS web site, and may usually allow you to recognize of nice deals before they even become accessible to the overall public.
Having home house owners contact you suggests that putting in associate ad blitz. this could involve putting ads within the newspaper, putting brigand signs at strategic locations around the city, beginning an instantaneous mail campaign, etc. There are many ways to let individuals recognize that there is a replacement realty capitalist in the city, and it'd be in your best interest to undertake each of them to envision which of them work best for you.
Whether you opt to travel trying to find deals, have them come back to you, or both, the secret is to be persistent. realty finance could be numbers - most of the time you will not be able to create the deal work, however, each time you are doing it interprets into thousands of greenbacks for you. The additional house owners you visit, the additional deals you will be able to do, the extra money you may create.
I hope this text provides you a small amount of a concept of what the planet of realty finance is like. there is a ton to find out there, and every one of it's terribly attention-grabbing. realize the realm that interests you the foremost, then get out there and begin rebuke home house owners. do not be discouraged if you are obtaining turned downloads - simply bear in mind that once it will pay off, it'll pay off big!

Note that : This information helps you better if you are in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt

Gold or bitcoin

gold is called the precious metal.
. There are factors determine the price of gold in the market.
First of all you should dismiss the idea of " supply and demand" 
Throughout history, we notice a parallel between the price of gold and the price of oil. 
Note that a credit is something that someone doesn't need. 
This leads us to consider credit as a plus  
Everyone wants to possess as much gold as he can  
Gold investing is the best way for success. 
Gold keeps its value over years. 
You should Follow secure ways for investment. 

  Some people prefer bitcoin.Others prefer forex.
Forex gives them a great chance for Earning alot of money

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. 
It is also aform of electronic cash. 
It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank  Or single adminstrator. 
However  bitcoin has been criticized for its use in jllegal transactions    and its high electricity consumption  
Bitcoin network is peer_to_peer
There is no single adminstrator. 
Anybody can become a miner. 

Vor dem Kauf eines Autos

Nützliche Ratschläge beim Autokauf.
_ Sie sollten ein neues Auto kaufen, kein gebrauchtes.
_hindern Sie die zweite Hand.
_ Es wird empfohlen, das Jahr des Jahres zu kaufen.
_ Meine Lieblingsfarbe ist das weiße Auto.
_ Versuchen Sie, breite, dicke Reifen zu wählen.
Die richtige Wahl sind die schlauchlosen Reifen.
_ Überprüfen Sie das GPS des Fahrzeugs sorgfältig.
_ Vergessen Sie nicht zwei Dinge: Lebensversicherung und Kfz-Versicherung.

_ Die Frontscheibe des Autos sollte gegen Unfälle versichert sein.
Tragen Sie normalerweise den Sicherheitsgurt.
Frauen bevorzugen normalerweise rote Autos.
_ Überprüfen Sie alle elektrischen Geräte und Geräte, bevor Sie mit dem Auto fahren.
_ Überprüfen Sie das Öl regelmäßig.
_ Befolgen Sie die Sicherheitsvorkehrungen.
Beachten Sie auch die Verkehrsregeln.
_ Überschreiten Sie nicht die Geschwindigkeitsgrenze.
_ Vermeiden Sie Geldstrafen.
_ die Versicherung regelmäßig bezahlen.
_ Lesen Sie die Versicherungsfragen sorgfältig durch.
_ Sie sollten Ihren Anwalt regelmäßig konsultieren.
Ihr Anwalt sollte sorgfältig ausgewählt werden.
_ geben Sie Ihren Kindern Ratschläge zur Sicherheit während der Fahrt.
_ Verwenden Sie das Mobiltelefon nicht während der Fahrt.
Vergessen Sie nicht, das Versicherungsgeld regelmäßig zu bezahlen.
Vergessen Sie auch nicht, sich mit Ihrem Anwalt in Verbindung zu setzen.

Tips to buy a car in German

Nützliche Ratschläge beim Autokauf.
_ Sie sollten ein neues Auto kaufen, kein gebrauchtes.
_hindern Sie die zweite Hand.
_ Es wird empfohlen, das Jahr des Jahres zu kaufen.
_ Meine Lieblingsfarbe ist das weiße Auto.
_ Versuchen Sie, breite, dicke Reifen zu wählen.
Die richtige Wahl sind die schlauchlosen Reifen.
_ Überprüfen Sie das GPS des Fahrzeugs sorgfältig.
_ Vergessen Sie nicht zwei Dinge: Lebensversicherung und Kfz-Versicherung.

_ Die Frontscheibe des Autos sollte gegen Unfälle versichert sein.
Tragen Sie normalerweise den Sicherheitsgurt.
Frauen bevorzugen normalerweise rote Autos.
_ Überprüfen Sie alle elektrischen Geräte und Geräte, bevor Sie mit dem Auto fahren.
_ Überprüfen Sie das Öl regelmäßig.
_ Befolgen Sie die Sicherheitsvorkehrungen.
Beachten Sie auch die Verkehrsregeln.
_ Überschreiten Sie nicht die Geschwindigkeitsgrenze.
_ Vermeiden Sie Geldstrafen.
_ die Versicherung regelmäßig bezahlen.
_ Lesen Sie die Versicherungsfragen sorgfältig durch.
_ Sie sollten Ihren Anwalt regelmäßig konsultieren.
Ihr Anwalt sollte sorgfältig ausgewählt werden.
_ geben Sie Ihren Kindern Ratschläge zur Sicherheit während der Fahrt.
_ Verwenden Sie das Mobiltelefon nicht während der Fahrt.
Vergessen Sie nicht, das Versicherungsgeld regelmäßig zu bezahlen.
Vergessen Sie auch nicht, sich mit Ihrem Anwalt in Verbindung zu setzen.

My birthday party

Gestern war mein Geburtstag.
Ich habe alle meine Freunde eingeladen.
Wir begannen die Party um 8 Uhr.
Ich habe laut Musik gespielt.
Alle meine Freunde haben gelacht.
Einer von ihnen fiel in den Pool.
Sie trank viel Wasser.
Mein Freund Adrian hat sie gerettet.
Er liebte sie.
Da war sie schön.
Er wollte sie heiraten.
Wir haben einen sehr großen Kuchen gegessen.
Es hat sehr gut geschmeckt.
Wir haben viele Volkslieder gesungen.
Meine Freunde lieben es zu tanzen.
Wir haben viel getanzt.
Das Essen war köstlich.
Wir haben Fleisch gegessen.
Meine Schwester hat nicht vom Kuchen gegessen.
Ich mochte die Party.
Wir haben Playstation gespielt.
Ich habe gern mit einer starken Mannschaft gespielt.
Mein Lieblingsteam ist Realmadrid.
Ich mag auch Mo Salah.
Alle meine Freunde mögen Fußball.
Sie könnten das Spiel gewinnen.
Wir tranken kohlensäurehaltige Getränke.
Wir haben viel gelacht.
Meine Freundin Jo gab mir ein Geschenk.
Es war ein neues Auto.
Mir hat es so gut gefallen.
Ich möchte fahren lernen.
Er wird mich lehren.
Ich liebe ihn.
Wir werden nächstes Jahr heiraten.
Er sieht sehr gut aus.
Das Auto hat zwei Schlüssel.
Einer für ihn.
Und einer für mich.
Er liebt mich.

فوائد عدم ارتداء ملابس داخلية في المنزل

لا شك ان المرأه ستجد صعوبة فى البداية عند التخلى عن ارتداء ملابس داخلية في المنزل، وذلك بسبب عدم تعودها على ذلك؛ فقد اعتادت منذ صغرها ان ترتدى ملابس داخلية تحت ملابسها العادية. ولكن بعد قراءة هذا المقال حتما ستغيرين رأيك. أولا : حمالة الصدر :
بطبيعة الحال حمالة الصدر هى واحدة من أهم خصوصيات المرأة، وذلك لأن حمالة الصدر تساعد على ضبط شكل الجسم بطريقة أنيقة وتعطى للقوام تناسقا. ومن المعروف أن هناك أنواع عديدة من حمالات الصدر والتى تناسب جميع أوقات اليوم وتناسب أيضا جميع المناسبات . وتتعدد الأنواع كما قلنا، فمنها القطنية ومنها السيلكون  وأيضا الشفاف. وتستخدم حمالات الصدر كعامل مساعد في شد الصدر ولمنع كبر حجمه. وبرغم كل ذلك؛ فقد وجد فى الاونة الاخيرة ان هناك ارتباط وثيق بين ارتداء حمالة  الصدر والاصابة بحب الشباب فى منطقة الصدر (الثديين)
ما هى فوائد عدم ارتداء حمالة الصدر في المنزل:
١_ تقليل فرص الإصابة بحب الشباب (فى الثديين)
٢_تقليل فرص الاصابة بمرض السرطان.
٣_ الحرية وعدم الشعور بالضيق وخصوصا منطقة الرقبة والكتفين.
٤_ تحسين شكل الثدى وعدم ترهله؛ وذلك بسبب تنشيط الدورة الدموية للثديين.
٥_ تقوية انسجة الصدر وتحسين عضلاته.
٦_ تقليل فرص الاصابة بالامراض الجلدية الناتجه عن عدم التهوية والناتجة عن العرق فى منطقة الثديين، وخصوصا فى فصل الصيف فى المناطق الحارة.
٧_ حماية الثدى من التشققات والتى يسببها احتكاك حمالة الصدر بالثدى.

كيف نتغلب على اضرار حمالة الثدى؟
إليك سيدتي بعض النصائح للتخفيف من هذه الأضرار الناجمة عن حمالة الصدر:
١_ اختيار المقاس المناسب (تكون مناسبة لحجم الثديين) لا كبيرة ولا صغيرة .
٢_ تجنب حمالة الصدر ذات السلك المعدنى .
٣_ استخدام حمالة الصدر ذات حمالة عريضة ومبطنة .
٤_ التدليك المستمر للثديين من فترة لأخرى، لأن التدليك بانتظام يساعد على اعطاء الثديين مظهار جذابا وزيادة حجمه أيضا. يعمل التدليك على تنشيط الدورة الدموية.
أما عن أفضل وقت لتدليك الثدى فيكون بعد الاستحمام مباشرة ولمدة خمس دقائق

ثانيا: الأندر أو البوكسر :
نذكر الآن فوائد عدم ارتداء ملابس داخلية في المنزل :
١_ تقليل احتمالية الإصابة بالعدوى :
ان ارتداء الملابس الداخلية الضيقة يؤدى لزيادة احتمال الإصابة بالعدوى  ؛ وذلك لأنها تحبس البكتيريا بجميع أنواعها تحبسها على الجلد . واشهر أنواع العدوى من هذا النوع هو ما يسمى بـ (عدوى المسالك البولية). لذلك لايوجد افضل من الملابس الواسعة الفضفاضة.
٢_ أكثر نظافة :
 ان عدم ارتداء ملابس داخلية في المنزل يجعلك أكثر نظافة  بمعنى آخر : كما نعلم ان العرق والافرازات تتجمع فى الملابس الداخلية، لهذا فالملابس الداخلية تتسخ بسهولة .
<" ٣_ الشعور بالانتعاش :
تتسبب الملابس الداخلية الضيقة فى وجود رائحة سيئة بمرور الوقت. لذلك يفضل التهوية للتخلص من الروائح الكريهة . والتهوية هنا تتمثل فى عدم ترتداء ملابس داخلية .
٤_ مثيرة دائما (لزوجك طبعا) وهذا أهم ما فى الموضوع:
إن الزوج بطبيعة الحال يحب ان تكون زوجته جذابة له بنسبة ١٠٠% ووجودك معه فى المنزل بدون ملابس داخلية يجعلك مثيرة له وينجذب إليك طوال الوقت ، وهذه نعمه عظيمة تديم المحبة والمودة والرحمه بين الزوجين.

إذا أعجبك الموضوع شاركه مع أصدقائك .

شراء فيلا فى دبى لاند

الاسعار :
كما هو معروف يعتمد السعر على حجم وموقع الوحدة السكنية.
_ الاسعار تبدأ من 260 ألف درهم إماراتي وتصل إلى ٦ مليون ونصف.، وهذا السعر لمساحة 8آلاف قدم مربع 
_فلل بغرفتين نوم فى دبى لاند : السعر يبدأ من 900 ألف درهم إماراتي ويصل حتى 2 مليون و600 ألف درهم إماراتي 
_ فلل مكونة من 3 غرف نوم في دبي لاند : السعر يبدأ من 999 الف درهم إماراتي ويصل حتى 4مليون 550 ألف درهم اماراتي
_ فلل مكونة من 4 غرف نوم فى دبى لاند : السعر يبدأ من 1مليون و300الف درهم إماراتي 
وهذه هي الخيارات المتاحة أمامك فاختر منها ما يناسبك

مميزات فلل دبى لاند :
_ قريبه من المواقع الاستراتيجية مثل :
- مجمع دبى لاند الترفيهي .
- مدينة الملاهى.
- المراكز التجارية.
_ من أجمل ما يميز إمارة دبي في عيون عشاقها : كثرة ناطحات السحاب شاهقة الارتفاع، والفنادق الرائعة الفاخرة وكثرة المعالم السياحية فيها .
من المعروف ان اقتصاد إمارة دبي يرتفع باستمرار نظرا لتصدر دبى فى مجال العقارات والسياحة والخدمات البنكية المميزة؛ وبالتالى ازداد الطلب على العقارات في إمارة دبي .
كل ما سبق يوفر مزيد ومزيد من الفرص للمستثمرين في مجال العقارات .
 _ ما هي انواع الفلل المتاحه فى دبى لاند ؟
_ النمط الاسبانى _ النمط الكلاسيكي العربى _ فلل مكونة من غرفتين نوم  و 3 غرف نوم. _ فلل بحجم 6 غرف نوم ذات مطابخ مجهزة، وتطل على الحدائق .
 وهذه هي الخيارات المتاحة أمامك فاختر منها ما يناسبك

نظام واسلوب الحياة في دبي لاند.:
اذا كنت تبحث عن مزيج من الهدوء والحركة في آن واحد  فعليك بالشراء فى دبى لاند. فهنا الحياه هادئة ومتوفر كل ما تحتاجه من ضروريات لحياة الرفاهية والاسترخاء .
_ وفرة الحدائق والمراكز الطبية.
_ وفرة المؤسسات التعليمية 
_ مقاهي _ مطاعم _ منتجعات صحية. 

احلى كلام حب وكيف تكتبه بالصور والفيديو

موضوع اليوم هو إهداء لكل متزوج، وخاطب ومحب ؛ حيث سأعلمكم اليوم كيف تكتبون هذه العبارات الجميلة ( انت حبيبى _ انت عمري _ حب للأبد _ حبيبي _حبيبي دائما _ حبيب قلبى _ الحب الأول)
كل عبارة من هذه العبارات لها تأثيرها الدافئ على قلب كل محب . فهيا بنا نتعلم بالصور والفيديو كيفية كتابتها :

شراء شقه فى المدينة العالمية فى دبى

مميزات المدينة العالمية فى دبى :
_ تتميز هذه المنطقة بالهدوء.
_بنية تحتية متكاملة ومتطورة .
_ اماكن وقوف السيارات .
_ توافر المدارس والمنشآت الأساسية.
_ حمامات سباحه.
_ مراكز تسوق وأهمها سوق التنين الصيني وهو أكبر سوق للمنتجات الصينية المستوردة.
_ وجود المنتزهات والمتاحف ومحلات البيع بالتجزئة ومحلات الهدايا ولعب الأطفال .
_ ملاعب رياضيه.
حمامات سباحه .
_ مراكز لياقه بدنية ومنتجعات صحية.

والآن سنعرض الخيارات المتاحة والمتعددة وعليك ان تختار ما يناسبك منها :

أسعار الشقق فى المدينة العالمية فى دبى :
_ شقق الاستوديو : 231 ألف درهم اماراتي .
_ شقق الاستوديو بمساحة ( 900 قدم ) يصل سعرها 520 الف درهم إماراتي.
_ شقق ذات غرفة نوم واحدة تبدأ من 499 الف درهم إماراتي الى 650 الف درهم إماراتي.
_ شقق من غرفتين نوم تبدأ من 550 الف درهم إماراتي الى مليون درهم إماراتي .
مواصفات الشقق فى المدينة العالمية فى دبى :
توجد 22000 شقه في المدينة العالمية، وتتنوع المواصفات المتاحة هناك؛ حيث يمكنك ان تجد شقق استوديو مع حمام واحد، كما ستجد شقق مكونة من غرفة نوم واحدة _ وبطبيعة الحال توجد شقق ذات غرفتين نوم وثلاث غرف نوم مع حمامات متعدده، وكلها جاهزة للبيع والشراء . وبعد كل المواصفات السابقة عليك ان تختار ما يناسبك منها:

تتعدد التصاميم المعمارية والهندسية فى المدينة العالمية فى دبى ، وكل هذه التصاميم مستوحاه من الطرز الصينيه ، وانجلترا  ، وبلاد فارس  مما يضفى لمسة جمالية فائقه. وبسبب زيادة الاقبال ومع تدفق الوافدين إلى الساحرة دبى زاد الاقبال على شراء العقارات في دبي . ونتيجة لهذا الاقبال تم انشاء وتصميم المدينة العالمية فى دبى _ حيث يشاهد الزائر تصميمات معمارية فخمه ولا أروع _ ومن الجدير بالذكر أن من أهداف انشاء المدينه العالمية فى دبى: " تزويد الافراد بشقق ذات اسعار معقولة"  

شراء شقه فى الشارقه

أسعار الشقق فى الشارقة :
_شقق الاستوديو فى الشارقة : تبدأ من 240 ألف درهم إماراتي
_ شقق من غرفة نوم واحدة فى الشارقه : تبدأ من 300 ألف درهم إماراتي
_ شقق من غرفتين نوم في الشارقه : تبدأ من 380 ألف درهم
_ شقق من 3 غرف نوم في الشارقه : تبدأ من 550 ألف درهم اماراتي
_ شقق من 4 غرف نوم فى الشارقه تبدأ من 2 مليون و 200 ألف درهم اماراتي

التأمين على السيارات

ما هو نوع سيارتك هل هى : جيب لانجلربيك أب _ فورد برونكو _ مرسيدس gle _ تويوتا لاند كروزر _ مرسيدس اس 560 _ أو دى ttrs _ رولز رويس كولينان _ فولفو t8 polestar _بى إم دابليو BMW 

ما هو التأمين على السيارة؟
هو عبارة عن عقد مكتوب (عقد خطى) بين طرفين بطبيعة الحال  وهما : شركة التأمين كطرف أول، ويسمى الطرف الأول "المؤمن"، اما الطرف الثاني يسمى "المؤمن له " وهو مالك السياره. وطبقا لهذا العقد فإن

انتبه قبل شراء أى عقار

قبل شراء أى عقار هناك أمور يجب أن تتأكد منها حتى لا تندم بعد الشراء . يقدم موقع تسلم إيدك نصائح هامه جدا إقرأها بعناية فهى ثمرة خبرة سنوات فى مجال العقارات  :

أولا : يجب عليك تحديد الهدف من الشراء : بمعنى هل انت تجارتك بهدف البيع بعد ذلك والربح عن طريق الاستثمار  أم هدفك هو السكن ؟ وبعدها يتوجب عليك ان تجمع معلومات معينه عن ذلك العقار الذى سوف تشتريه : أين يوجد _ فى أى المناطق _ فى أى مدينه _ فى أى محافظه؟  ويجب عليك

فتح المواقع المحجوبة

مع برنامج اليوم للأندرويد واجهزة ios (آبل) أصبح بإمكانك فتح جميع المواقع المحجوبة لجميع الدول وبسهولة تامه . 
مميزات البرنامج :
١_ خاصية vpn تلقائية تتيح لك ip مختلف.

٢_ خاصية توفير الطاقه battery save حفاظا على بطارية هاتفك الجوال. 
٣_السرعه الفائقه   حتى مع فتح أكثر من تبويب.

النجاح فى الاستثمار العقاري

🏢🏗️ لا شك أن مجال العقارات سواء البيع أو الشراء، سواء كان قطعة أرض للبناء عليها أو شراء عقار جاهز لا شك أن هذا المجال هو مربح للغاية . لكن عند شرائك عقار معين يجب عليك اتباع نصائح هامه كى لا تندم بعد شراء الارض أو العقار الذى ستستثمر فيه أموالا طائلة . 

محمد صلاح فخر العرب

تعبيرا عن حب الشعب المصري بأكمله للاعب الخلوق محمد صلاح
اقدم خمس هدايا بالصور والفيديو مناسب للباقه
والآن مع الفيديو ⬇️⬇️